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Five Neat, Free Software Programs

Did you know there are a lot of software programs out there that are free for the downloading? Some of these are “demo” versions, meaning that you can try them for some period of time – typically 30 days – and then must buy them.

But there are others available totally free. Here are five programs you might want to download and the web sites where they can be found.

#1: First, there’s a great suite of programs called Open Office. This should almost be treated as five free programs as it includes a word processing program, a spreadsheet program, a presentation program, a database program and even a draw program. You can check out and download this free suite of programs at

#2: Looking for an easier way to manage recipes, create shopping lists and plan parties? MyLife Recipes & Home Organizer can help you do all this and more.

This smart, versatile program even lets you create an inventory of clothes, linen and utensils. You can find it at It’s free for the first 30 days then, if you like it, you can buy it for just $19.95.

#3: Want to protect your computer from spyware and adware? There’s a free tool called Spyware and Adware Removal 2. It recognizes and removes spyware and adware BHOs (Browser Helper Objects) that cause pop-up ads and protects you home page from being forcibly hijacked by malicious Web sites and spyware. You’ll find it at

#4: Here’s a program that allows you find, download, share and publish audio and video files, computer games, images, photos and just about any document.

It’s a P2P (peer to peer) program called iMesh and it includes a community of millions of registered users you can share with. It’s free and available on

#5:You can create personal forecasts using a free biorhythm calculator called Free & Easy Biorhythm Calculator.. It includes basic rhythms, secondary rhythms, I-Ching rhythms, celebrities database, printable reports and daily information. You’ll find it on

So why pay for software when you can get neat programs like this free?

Here’s something else that’s neat and free. It’s a new technology called HD Radio that enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally.

This is a tremendous technological leap from today’s familiar analog broadcasts. These digital broadcasts provide listeners with radically improved audio quality, more radio channels through multicasting, and new data services.

To learn more about this amazing new technology, just go my Web site,, to get all the buzz.

Douglas Hanna is a retired marketing executive and the author of numerous articles on HD radio, the Internet and family finances.


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